Wedding Food


Do people remember the food at weddings?  What did you eat at the last one you went to? What was good or bad about it?  


Feeding 100 people is expensive - especially for what can often be a bit of chicken and couple of new potatoes.  Don't be afraid to be demanding when it comes to the food and if you want something in particular see if you can get it.  Who says you can't have curry or fish and chips at a wedding?  Or how about a tapas or a middle-eastern buffet?


You will also be thinking about feeding the evening guests but how much will that cost?  18 per head for some sausage rolls?  How about having cheese and biscuits for the evening - does anyone really want  a big meal at 9.30pm?


Make sure you try the food at the venue or from the caterer or caterers you are thinking about using - and be fussy.


We are currently collating all our feedback from brides and grooms and will be giving a few recommendations for you to consider.