Wedding Photography


Many of your most important memories of the day will come from your photos so having some good pictures is very important.


The budget option is a friend with a digital camera and this can work well.  The only dangers are lack of experience, dealing with unruly groups and not knowing the best way to capture your 'best side'.


If you go down the professional photographer route then there are a variety of prices you could pay.  There are some terrible photographers out there and there are also some who are a bit try-hard - do you really want most of your photos taken at funky angles?


Having two photographers is a great idea as you capture all sorts and it's worth the expense if you can afford it.


Ask around, look at the sites and be careful of the really big companies as their quality can be variable depending on who you get on the day


We are currently collating all our feedback from brides and grooms and will be giving a few recommendations for you to consider.