Welcome to the site for couples getting married in the Bristol and Bath area. 

Organising a wedding can take a lot of planning so here you'll find tips and recommendations

from people who have got married in Wiltshire and the surrounding area. 

Hopefully you'll find a few useful things to help you out 

- and remember, the day is about the two of you.

Fab wedding music

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  Your wedding ...



Handy tips and some recommendations to get just the right venue.



Just click for handy tips and recommendations



Choosing the food - does it have to be the chicken?


Disco, band or both?  How to get great music for the ceremony and reception.


Champagne, corkage, free bar?  How much is it going to cost you?


Immortalised on film for eternity.  Is it worth it?



What to wear, where to get it and how much it might cost!


Flowers for the bride, the family, the church, the venue - so many choices.


Traditional tails or shiny new suit?  You decide.


Have you got the engagement ring and/or wedding ring(s) yet?


Mate with a digital camera or top professional? Options here.


Is it all getting a bit much? Here's some help.


1920s car, horse and carriage, Aston Martin or your mate's Audi Quattro?


Hen do, Stag do, Gift list, Speeches, Insurance and other bits.

And finally a bit of rest.




Hopefully you will find some useful advice and recommendations for planning your wedding. We have gathered the information on this site from a number of couples getting married in Bristol, Bath, Wiltshire, Somerset and Gloucestershire in the last five years. We hope your planning is going well, don't get stressed and don't let families and friends dictate your plans too much - it's your day!

Need Jazz Music?  Go to www.Wiltshire-Jazz.co.uk and www.JazzandSwing.co.uk